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Obsessive syndrome

In summer, I fell in love with a girl.
We should’ve been together 2 years ago.
Because of a trick of god, we missed each other.
By coincidence, we saw each other again due to a comment on Weibo.
That very comment by me, triggered us talking again.
Endless talking.
We finally and amazingly found out that both of us have had a crush on each other 2 years ago.
We found out that we are destined to be together.

Now, I am so obsessed with you.
Crazily, irresistibly, and uncontrollably loving you.
To me, The feeling is like i found the treasure which I lost long time ago.
Last year is like the missing one year to us.
I won’t let you go.


Now, I pray to god.
No longer
pray for
fame, wealthy, woman.

But pray for,
or rather,
give my earnest appreciation to god.
Thanks for created me.

will not
Just give success
to us.

created us
and let us have chance
to be successful.

should put away
our dread,
not only for the unpredictable future,
Bt also for the risk of attaining our dream.
Make passion,
transform into gig.

" if you wanna be a successful engineer,
do not always worry about how to be successful,
just study, work hard,
To be a great engineer.”
- <three idiots>

Have faith in your brothers, your friends.
Help each other, believe each other.
And be successful together.

Just live our life.


Human is capricious and changeable.

every now and then,

you will find that it is not bad.

folks change their mind just due to their own will,

after that,

they make choices.

the crucial quality of a wise person,

or rather mature person, sober person, or awaken person.

is he, or she, can make choices by their own judgement.

yet when he about to make a choice,

he gotta be reasonable.

the reason why you can convince others, is in the light of the REASON

in some respect.

i am sitting on the fence of 


whereas, i do not fully agree with it.

because sometimes the sophists

will pervert the truth.

for me, the Sophists must stand for JUSTICE and TRUTH.

they debate, with the details or rather traps raised by their foes.

they struggle, to win everyone through their argument.

No matter the reasons and evidences are impolite or controversial

they only lead to one destination

the longing of being a winner

Swim Good.

a song,

the artist is ‘Frank Ocean’

songful melody

beautiful lyrics


i love ocean.

boundless, immense, tremendous…

like me, a ordinary guy who desire for freedom.

every once in a while, i deem that probably i am hypnopompic 

just because a question: Justice and liberty, which one you will choose?

sorta resemble the ocean.

it can take in everything, everyone.

it stand for ‘freedom’

But in some way,

as long as you jump in to it.

without land, you are positively toast.

at most you can persist few hours on the ocean.


i gotta refine or rescan the delicate relationship between

Freedom and Justice.

i had addicted to find a ideal regime, in our world.

Yet i found that corruption and ‘unfair’ is irritable.

absolutely irritable.

the source of human, is greed,

loads of folks reckon greed result in corruption.

however i daresay, the reason must be not only greed but also sloth.

since sloth is the origin of greed. ain’t it?

perhaps i ‘ll accidentally find another song,

which make me ponder much.

swim good,

is haunting around my mind.

first step,

be busy, be hustle.

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